Demand for passenger safety systems to foster automotive plastics applications

Global automotive plastics market size is projected to surpass US$50 billion by 2024, as per the forecast by Global Market Insights, Inc. The properties including, durability, versatility, and lightweight of plastics, make them a suitable material used in various auto parts, such as dashboards, air vents, pipes, door handles, and others. Nowadays, more than half of the modern automobile components are made from advanced plastics.

Automotive plastics are lightweight material, that play a pivotal role in reducing the overall vehicle weight and enhancing fuel efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a reduction in vehicle weight by 10%, can result in 6-8% reduction in fuel consumption.

With changing consumer habits and stringent regulations related to automotive emission, the demand for lightweight, fuel-efficient, and affordable vehicles is driving the usage of advanced plastics in automobile manufacturing. Automotive plastics bring various other advantages to automobiles, including flexibility in designing and integrating components as well as enhanced safety, aesthetics, and comfort.

As per the International Organization for Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, approximately 92 million cars and commercial vehicles were manufactured globally in 2019. Although the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 slowed down vehicle manufacturing to some extent, the global out was still pegged at over 77 million during the year. A substantial increase in disposable income, growing living standards, and rapid urbanization are some major factors that are driving vehicle adoption among consumers and businesses.

The polypropylene-based automotive plastics segment is expected to witness substantial growth by 2024, as they are broadly used in multiple applications in automobiles. Polypropylene plastics offer superior resistance to chemical solvents, bases, and acids, which allow their applications in gas cans, chemical tanks, cable insulation, bumpers, and carpet fibers.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) segment should also experience notable adoption in the coming years, owing to their extensive range of applications. PVC is known for high gloss, excellent flexibility and thermal stability, and flame retardant property.

PVC can withstand extreme pressure in extrusion, compress molding, injection molding, and blow molding processes and can be utilized in automotive instrument panels, door parts, and electrical cable sheathing. Rapid urbanization, high spending, and advancement in automotive technologies have drastically changed consumer perception about vehicle’s interior and exterior aesthetics.

Electrical components, under the hood, power train, chassis, and interior & exterior furnishings are some major application range of automotive plastics. With the growing market penetration of high-end vehicles, the shift in consumer preference towards advanced automotive electronics, such as GPS-LED displays, airbags, and other safety systems, is increasing the demand for plastics in electrical components.

Polystyrene, polyoxymethylene, and polycarbonate are thermoplastic materials, that exhibit a lot of promise in electrical component applications. These thermoplastic materials, owing to their superior mechanical, electrical, and di-electrical properties, are used in display bases, buttons, gears, fuel systems, headlamp lenses, bullet-proof glasses, and others.

Borealis AG, Delphi Automotive, Evonik, Dow Chemicals, Adient, and BASF are some prominent key players of automotive plastics market. These companies are eyeing on leveraging technologies to develop lighter and durable automotive plastic material to enhance the overall performance of vehicles. With the shifting trends toward nature-friendly materials owing to several environmental impacts by plastics and government emission measures, producers could increasingly emphasize on using bioplastics or bio-degradable plastics in auto components.

Vastu Shastra Helpful Tips for Homeowners

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture of any building to enhance positive energy. The house whose house welcomes everyone with open arms should have positive energy in it. Not all homes exude a good vibe from them. That’s why many times when we go to a house, we are welcomed and just sitting there, and we feel at peace. However, some places give off negative vibes.

It matters most to those who are living in the house. The Vastu of that house has a great impact on their happiness and positivity. Irrespective of whether you are a believer or non-believer in Vastu, everyone wants good vibes from the place where he lives. The answer is whether Vastu is right for the house or not.

Vastu Shastra is a science that is very old and is also discussed in our Vedic books like Ramayana and Mahabharata. In the Ramayana, it is mentioned that Goddess Sita was seated in a garden with huge Ashoka trees facing north. She was always upset and weeping in those days because if there is heavy luggage towards the north and it gets blocked, then the women of the house get in trouble. Also in the olden days, there was a water body at Indraprastha, the center of the Mahasabha which led to a war between Kauravas and Pandavas. Such is the power of Vastu defects.

Here are some tips to incorporate into your home -

Main Gate – According to Vastu consultants, the main gate is not only for the entry and exit of people but also for the energy of coming and going. From here the energies flow in and out. The favourable direction for the main gate is North, North East or East. The door should be of good quality and black colour should be avoided around the entrance. Also, avoid building the bathroom next to the entrance.

Living Room – The living room is the place where all the members of the family interact with each other as well as with the guests. It is the first impression of your home to outsiders. The host should relax viewing north or east. The room should be free of clutter. The living room should be in North, East or North-East direction. Large fittings should be placed in the southwest area.

Bedroom – The bedroom is where you use a lot of your time. This is your personal time. Also, it is the place where you sleep and relax. The original bedroom should be in the southwest area. Never in the South-East, because it is the element of fire. The walls should have pastel colours as it calms the mind. The glass should not be placed on the head of the bed.

Children’s room – The child’s room should be in the southwest direction of the house. Children should sleep with their heads in the south or east direction for peace of mind. When they study their desk should be in the north direction.

Kitchen – The kitchen is the place where you prepare food to give good health and nutrition to your family. It has a fire element so it is best to keep it in the fire direction. South-east direction is a good direction for kitchen. Never keep the kitchen in the north direction as it says that you are burning your own money. To avoid energy clash, keep the kitchen away from the other bedroom. In addition, Many Best Astrologer in Chandigarh, India and other countries gives advice for Vastu Shastra.

Puja Room – This is the place where you connect with God and meditate. Northeast is the best angle for the puja room. It should be free from clutter and should not be near the washroom.

Toilet – The toilet should be in the west or northwest direction. If the toilet is in the other direction then usually the effect is very bad and it brings bad luck to the family.

Jewellery or money box should be in the southwest direction. There should not be any blunder in it.

Ways To Create A Winning SEO Strategy For Any Business

Pull your mobile out of your pocket, click on Google, and type in “best Chinese restaurants.” What do you witness? The top-ranked results on the SERP aren’t always the best Chinese restaurants in India, and they’re unlikely to be a component of a large chain. It’s usually a local independent restaurant in your town that’s in the periphery of where you’re at the moment. That’s how effective local SEO can be. Simply speaking, it plays a significant role in assisting your small business to stay ahead of the digital competition. But then again, what is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

This type of SEO helps to expand the exposure of a local company in regional search engine results. The findings that get displayed in local search results often fulfill a “near me” targeted inquiry, implying that the user is looking for something in a particular city —or that the search engine has recognized that the intended query has been narrowed down by geographical boundaries. Businesses can increase their presence in these local search results for phrases associated with your industry and the products or services by employing local search optimization tactics.

Significance of Local SEO for your Business

When Google made the Pigeon update in 2014, it offered smaller local businesses an opportunity to entice the potential local customers in an environment that had hitherto been driven by major corporations. The pigeon update was launched, and it was designed to provide users with data on products, services, and establishments in their local area. In order to understand the importance of local SEO, let’s glance at some critical stats-

46% of almost all Google searches are based on a location
12% of the customers scour for a local business every day
28% of approximately all local searches have led to a purchase
50% of nearly all “near me” searches resulted in a physical visit to the store
62% of the consumers will ignore a business with no web presence
In an effort to better serve its users, Google began giving additional results for regional searches based on -

— precisely, if your business is proximate to where an individual is browsing, delivers services or items they might be looking for, and has well-optimized local business listings then, you’re highly likely to be discovered by such online visitors.

Steps to Build an Unbeatable Local SEO Strategy

Consider the Fundamentals
Choose your Name Wisely

Suppose you are an owner of “The ToolKit”, a neighborhood beauty and cosmetics establishment. Indeed, the title is witty and distinctive, but you’re more liable to pop up in axe or hammer searches than eyelashes queries.

A location-based name might also damage your local SEO approach unwittingly. In Maldives searches, “Maldives Body Shop” will appear, but not in your neighboring areas. So, suppress the impulse to include your locality in the name of your company.

Update your Location Carefully

Several tiny enterprises operate entirely from the owner’s house or a modest workspace. When it comes to search indexes, be genuine about your address. It’s illegal to use a mailing address for an online company address, and it’s also prohibited to use a fake work address.

Fill in Directories Consistently

You should monitor the prominent directories for your business listing on a regular basis to ensure that all of your material is correct. Inaccurate information will harm your rankings and undermine consumer loyalty.

Claim your GMB Page Unfailingly

Although it’s the critical element in ensuring your business appears in Google’s local SEO results, claiming your Google My Business (GMB) profile simply requires ten minutes.

Optimize your Website for Local Traffic
Research your Keywords

First of all, never forget that you are willing to hit two birds with a single stone with SEO, increasing local rankings and outperforming your competitors. While focusing on the latter, you must analyze what keywords are being used by your competitors, which one’s working the best and how. Next, leverage SEO tools to compile a keyword list helping your competitors rank organically and evaluate whether this list suits your site.

Another effective strategy would be to search geo-specific keywords, that is, search phrases with your location, for instance, the best SEO outsourcing company in India or the most reliable digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Make sure to look for multiple varieties of the products and services you provide, as well as the many places you operate.

Implement On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing websites in order to increase organic flow and boost a website’s SERP positions. Here, you will have to update the localized keywords in your website’s interface. To give you a clear understanding, here are the major elements of on-page SEO-

Keyword Mapping- Each webpage will comprise target keywords relevant to its contents and materials.

Title and Meta Description Optimisation- Keywords must be included in the page headings and meta description of each page.

Content Creation- Keep in mind the whims, desires, and ideologies of your target audience to curate keyword enriched and informative yet straightforward content to explain your business.

Internal Linking- Allow users to enter essential areas by adding internal links in between several web pages.

Image Optimization- Use visually pleasing images with keyword-enriched alt texts. Also, to decrease the loading time, you can reduce the image size.

URL Structure- Make all of your web pages and articles have compact URLs. Each URL should, ideally, incorporate the page’s intended keyword. And your website’s broken links should be fixed.

Pay Attention to Reviews
Online reviews are crucial for local SEO. Google takes reviews into account when determining rankings, and they are amongst the first things your prospects would search for. The majority of consumers will look at a business’s reviews before deciding whether or not to visit, depending on the amount and authenticity of reviews. Many people place more credence in internet reviews than in suggestions from folks they meet.

You can take help from an online business directory in India. Go beyond Google My Business and create profiles on business listing sites to enjoy authentic feedback. A raving review could become the new face of your website, and the negative ones would allow you to improve further. Social media can also be harnessed to generate reviews by offering customers some incentives.

Create Localised Landing Pages
Local landing pages are web pages that are specific to each store location. They’re crucial for brick-and-mortar establishments with many branches, as well as service-provider businesses that would like to keep their customers informed regarding the regions they cover. You will have to optimize these landing pages with geo-specific keywords and cue in the informative subject material to attract the audience. Along with organic traffic, you can implement paid ads to draw in more traffic. Just remember to incorporate persuasive CTAs for an even greater lead generation.

The Bottomline

If you find focusing on your local SEO strategy is quite daunting, or if you don’t really have the bandwidth to accommodate more actions on your plate, then you always have the option to hire a local SEO company in India. They will assist you in developing an impactful local SEO approach that will generate leads, increase conversions and set you up as an authority within your niche.

How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

To take your public speaking skills to the next level demands that you seek multiple ways to hone and develop those skills. Here are some of the things I have learned along the way (and I hope to continue learning as I become a better speaker with time and practice).

1. Step 1

As my college communications professor (who was also an acting coach) told me, when you are presenting BE the expert. Everyone is there to hear from you because you are the expert so don’t second-guess yourself and speak confidently.

2. Step 2

Go see the best speakers in person and decide for yourself what makes them great. Why is Anthony Robbins a good or bad speaker? Is Steve Jobs inspiring? How does he deliver that inspiration through his presentation? What about George Bush? For all the folly and parodies on our president he’s still a better speaker than many of us ever will be and there’s a lot of good and bad lessons to learn from his speaking ability.

3. Step 3

Be human and connect through your emotion. Nobody likes a boring speaker so infuse some energy into your gestures, inflect your voice as you would when talking to someone one-on-one, attempt self-deprecating humor and don’t be afraid to show your failures as an example to learn from.

4. Step 4

Know the basics: be natural, speak from the heart, speak slowly, connect with specific audience members through direct eye-contact, speak to the entire room, etc. This is where Toastmasters will help you quickly build the foundation.

5. Step 5

Public speaking skills are not required but the best leaders and entrepreneurs are at least good at public speaking. Have you ever wondered how being a great public speaker might be linked to being successful? Being a better presenter alone may not make you more successful but it certainly will help you be a better leader, communicator and visionary.

Ways to Get the Attention of Your Audience When You Are Making a Presentation

Coach Bennett was trying very hard to make sure that all of his players were given an opportunity to learn the basic elements to enable them to play well on the team. He really did not care if a player was extremely talented or not as long as team spirit was a predominant part of his personality and he was trying his best to learn the basics. Part of the strategy that Coach Bennett employed with the players was to enhance their individual basketball skills by using basketball videos to help them learn by watching others play. He found that even shots of players who were making mistakes helped the team members learn what not to do when they were on the court and they were a valuable tool.

Many times how a subject is presented can make a person much more receptive to learning. There are four main tactics that have been found to work while trying to gain the attention of an audience and they are:

1. Using humor – This is one of the best ways to break the ice during a meeting or instruction session and definitely puts the audience at ease right away. Before they know it, people are responding well and listening better because they do not feel threatened in any way and they want to be in on all of the jokes. A speaker is wise to start out with a joke or humorous antidote just to gain attention and confidence from the audience at the very beginning of a speech. This serves as the “hook” to keep them interested to the rest of the planned talk.

2. Telling about successes and failures – This tactic humanizes the person who is giving the speech and makes the listener tend to believe what is being said. As the coach talked about in the above story learned, discussing mistakes and consequences is often a wonderful teaching aid and the use of talking about failures tends to prompt good discussions and probing questions from the audience. Sharing successes is valuable as well and tends to motivate the crowd fostering a positive attitude and a “can do” spirit.

3. Learning about the institution or group of people there – Making a connection with the group who happens to be in the same room and with whom you are making a presentation to is an intelligent move and it never goes unnoticed when this tactic is used. People appreciate whatever time is spent researching the products they make or the subjects they teach if it happens to be a learning institution. This is a sure way to win over the audience as they will give the speaker or presenter more respect for the good preparation he or she did before coming.

4. Making eye contact and giving frequent breaks – It is a known fact that speakers who make direct eye contact engage the attention of the listeners. It shows that a person has confidence and pride in what they are explaining and it totally grabs the attention of the people in the room. Giving frequent breaks for the audience to move around is also a good idea.

For A Gift, Food Baskets Make Excellent Presents

A gift basket can be a wonderful gift any time with the year. These baskets comprise typically of various food items and possibly a bottle of wine or sparkling apple grape juice. There are numerous diverse kinds of baskets with a large variety of goods. Gift baskets, food baskets and wine gift baskets tend to be of the best quality and generally contain food items which are hard to find.

For a gift, food baskets make excellent presents during the holiday or at anytime of the year. They are a good idea as a gift for someone who appears to have everything and is difficult to buy for. There’s very little in the line of gourmet foods that you can’t find available for these baskets. They are usually the best quality with only the finest in chocolates as well as other gourmet foods. Even the fruits are normally far superior to that which you will discover at the local market. Actually quite a few providers of fine foodstuff gifts import their fruit from exotic locals all around the globe. Some fruit comes from such exotic places as Argentina and New Zealand.

There are numerous various suppliers of gift baskets, food selections or wine selections and many of them are available on the internet. When searching for holiday presents or gifts for any occasion you should browse the internet for the most effective deals on high quality food gifts. It is usually a good idea to use reputable companies which you are familiar with, or should you find an organization that is unfamiliar to you but appears to have desirable products you need then you should look into the company and their reputation.

One way to get a feel for the kind of business they are is you can possibly check on websites that review items and services and see if anyone has used that specific business. If you’re unable to discover a posting on a blog about that organization you may want to begin a post yourself, inquiring what others have to say about this business.

Plenty of smaller companies may offer unique foodstuff gifts that are not obtainable from other sources. These smaller companies might charge higher costs but often their service and items will be superior to those of other companies. Be certain to find a company that stands behind the product and promises to deliver the products on time and also will replace the item if there is anything wrong with it.

Even though there are many different food products that are available from these companies you will discover some that tend to be more popular than others. One of the most popular gift baskets is the nut gift basket. A lot of suppliers of gifts over the world-wide-web offer you baskets that have nuts along with other snacks. Nuts and salty snacks make wonderful presents for college students who are away from home or family members that are with the military, oversees. With these gift baskets, food is a great source of proteins and nutrients and can provide them with the proper nutrition that they may perhaps not be obtaining otherwise. They also are a wonderful way to put a smile on someone’s face that had no notion the package was about the way.

Be Present at the Table

How many times have you driven to work – or to the grocery store, or to the mall – and remembered absolutely nothing from your drive? Perhaps you were daydreaming. Maybe you were on the phone. Or, you might have been singing along to the radio, completely oblivious to how you arrived from point A to point B.

For many of us, driving is so mundane and habitual, that we do not pay as much attention to it as we should. The same is true of our eating.

Do you eat breakfast while you drive? Do you work through your lunch? Do you snack while watching TV? If you answered yes to any of these, you are officially normal:) However, you also have to be cautious, because putting your eating second to other activities prevents you from fully focusing on your satiety and satisfaction while you consume food.

Really quickly, I want you to participate in what I call an intuitive eating exercise to illustrate what it means to be present at the table.

Go grab a snack – a cracker, piece of cheese, a grape, or something else small.

First, just hold the food item in your hand and look at it. What do you notice about its shape and color? How does it feel in your hand? Is it light? Heavy?

Next, bring the snack up to your nose and inhale. How does it smell?

Is your mouth watering?

How did this snack get to your hand? Was it grown on a farm? Manufactured in a factory? Shipped thousands of miles to your local grocery store? Be thankful for all of the elements involved in creating this food item and appreciate it as a source of nourishment.

Now, go ahead and bring the food to your lips and pay attention to the way it feels on them. Then, put it in your mouth without chewing it, and notice how it feels just sitting on your tongue.

Ok… go ahead and chew it. SLOWLY:) Savor every morsel. Do you like the texture? Do you like the flavor? Notice any after-taste.

Now, come back to reality. Obviously it would be unrealistic to ask you to pay such close attention to your senses at every meal. But, this should get you thinking about how important it is to actually pay attention when you eat.

As a personal trainer, I hear from clients day-in and day-out who have difficulty paying attention at mealtimes, which often leaves them feeling uncomfortably full. Our bodies do not want to be overloaded with food – they strive for balance, and overeating disrupts that balance. At Thanksgiving this year, I remember a couple of my family members describing how full they were after eating, and none of them seemed even remotely overjoyed about it. It is uncomfortable!

I do not want to belabor this point, so I challenge you to do this one, simple task: pay attention. The next time you go to the refrigerator for a snack or sit down for a meal, make a conscious effort to listen to your body’s cues. Take your time, and give yourself the opportunity to recognize when you are satisfied… NOT when you are full. If you are full, you have gone too far!

As the holidays approach, keep this in mind as you attend parties and sample those delectable goodies. Savor the foods you eat, but pay attention to your body so that you know when you have had enough.

To close, I will leave you with some food for thought, so to speak:)

How to Write a Compelling Sales Presentation

If you’re working with the sales team on a presentation for a new client or vendor, or maybe you are part of that team, you want your sale’s presentations to do four very important things. They must first introduce your concept or product. Secondly, they should interest your reader/listener. Next, they should inform them of the benefits your product/service provides. Lastly, they must imprint the thought of making that purchase in the reader’s mind. Simple? Not always.

The introduction of the product should only be as detailed as necessary. In this initial opening statement for the piece, keep the description to an overview, with hints rather than explanations of potential benefits to the client. This enables you to conquer two steps in one, if done correctly. It can introduce the product while interesting them in it at the same time.

Now that you have their attention, inform your reader in specifics about what this product will/can do for them. Don’t laundry list them or simply provide bulleted items unless the points are self-explanatory. You want to ensure they know what you have to offer. Still, don’t write the encyclopedia either. Short, pointed explanations expounding briefly on the benefits will suffice.

Make sure that in this process, the client is engaged in thinking of the product as it relates to them. This will require your researching your targeted market. That research, however, will help assure the potential for purchase is imprinted on their mental “maybe I’ll buy that” list, when you’re done.

No matter what the product, or its price tag, following these steps will make your sales presentation as effective in the boardroom as it is at the local shopping center.

Writing Fiction in the Present Tense

Most fiction authors write in the past tense. They tell readers what happened. This is as if the author says, “I see the events in my mind, and I’m writing about what I saw.” Very few fictional books are written in the present tense.

One reason for this is that writing in the present tense provides serious challenges to the author: maintaining perspective, introducing prior events, and filtering the stream of consciousness.

Below, we discuss these challenges and provide an example of present-tense writing done well.

1. Maintaining Perspective:
Well-written scenes have only one perspective. As readers, our focus is on one character, and the scene is described through that character’s experiences. Usually, the focus will be on the protagonist. We perceive the scene through that character. However, that scene can be described again from another character’s experience. This is possible because the scene is written in the past tense. We already know that it has happened.

When writing in the present tense, the events have an immediacy that makes this difficult. We read about what is happening at the moment, not about what already happened. This limits the author’s ability to show events from multiple perspectives because when the perspective shifts, the events already occurred. As such, when the perspective changes, the author continues to show what is now happening but through a different perspective. The author keeps the readers in the “now.” This can be a powerful tool for keeping the reader engaged in the story, but it is difficult to accomplish.

2. Introducing Prior Events:
Events do happen prior to the current experience, and describing them in a present-tense story requires a shift to the past tense. However, the author may need to include those events to help the reader understand the present experience or to provide the motivation for a character’s actions and thoughts. This is difficult to accomplish. The author must make these time shifts smoothly, without losing the present-tense perspective and without making the reader wonder when the event is taking place. The author has to separate present and past tense without damaging the readers’ engagement in the present tense events.

3. Filtering the Stream of Consciousness:
The human brain is always thinking, which means that the character on whom we are focused is having many thoughts. Some may be repetitions, some may be revisions of prior thoughts, and some may be off topic completely. Some will be new and relevant to the experience the character is having.

The challenge to the author is identifying the thoughts that are relevant and necessary to the story without creating gaps in the character’s consciousness. Shifting between a description of thoughts to description of physical activities and environment will help, but as with introducing prior events, this can be difficult. While we are reading the character’s thoughts and feelings in the present tense, other actions and events are occurring. Thus, when the author “leaves the character’s mind” and returns to the “real world,” he cannot go back to describe what has happened in the meantime. So the second part of this challenge is to ensure that the reader doesn’t miss critical events.

An Example of Present Tense Fiction:
Robert Silverberg, winner of multiple Nebula and Hugo awards, uses the present tense very effectively in Starborne. This is the story of 50 people traveling across the universe through “nospace” to find a new planetary home. Obviously, it is science fiction.

Here’s a quip from the book that addresses the second and third challenges:

“The year-captain wonders whether everyone aboard, one by one, is about to undergo some maddening transformation for the worse. Already Noelle is losing the ability to communicate with her sister on Earth; the blunt and straightforward Sieglinde has unsettlingly chosen to challenge the reliability of the theorems that she herself helped to write; and now the easygoing and irreverent Heinz is tiresomely eager to explain the year-captain’s own responsibilities to him. What next? What next, he wonders.”

Science fiction may not be your preferred genre, but this novel is worth reading if you intend to write in the present tense and are unsure about how to do it well. Find it in a bookstore, sit in a chair, and read the first couple chapters, at least. Study how Silverberg resolves the three challenges noted above.

We have a variety of editorial services for authors that will help you prepare your manuscript, but reading and studying Starborne will give you a good start.

Gardening-Beauty Presentation Is Always Necessary

Every good country needs a good show, as presentation is always necessary. And greenery adds a remarkable effect on any country’s features. If we talk about greenery, a word that comes in our minds within seconds is gardening. What is it? Gardening is cultivation. Any plot of ground being cultivated for fruits, flowers, a good display, ornamental shrubs and trees etc. By a garden is meant a piece of land for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. Gardening has been in vogue since the days of Adam. When, for disobedience, he was driven out of heaven, God said that he would have to labor hard to earn his livelihood. So when Eve span at home, Adam delved or dug in the field. This represents that digging has been in trend from the beginning of the days, when life emerged.

Gardening is a hobby for many. A lot of people find pleasure, mind-peace in gardening their respective gardens. As it’s the symbol of beauty, individuals find this hobby refreshing and creative. We can see a beautiful, well-managed garden in almost every region that shows man’s love of flowers and beautiful plants. Though there are some places, where gardening is far too left behind, and people are misusing our plants, that naturally provide us oxygen and what not. A lot of people don’t take care or look after the gardens and these wonderful gifts of God are damaged badly, which is certainly a point of grief.

It’s a helpless feeling when you look at a damaged plant, which is either done by pests or by lackness of water or sunlight. These pests can be controlled. Integrated Pest Management is one of the best ways to control the pests, which is a technical sounding term for using common sense and foresight in your garden to avoid most problems and to catch and control those that do occur as early as possible. And there are other ways to control pests and insect growth on your plants, if one cares about them, then he can eventually figure out a way to save the plants.

Some examples of beautiful plants that add an incredulous beauty to gardens are Clematis, Cactus, Euphorbia, Lentan Rose, Day Lillies, Four O’clock, Coral Bells etc. From the time immemorial man has been playing special attention to the cultivation of plants, and why not? These are a blessing to us. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Kew gardens of England are instances on this very point. Hence, no doubt, gardening is one of the most significant things that has an enormous value and should be done by everyone.